Friday, May 4, 2007

Good DR Appt

K had his 12 month appt and it went as well as expected. That means there was lots of crying and "toddler rage". I suppose none of us like getting shots and having a finger pricked for a blood draw.

His stats are good. He's going to be a tall, skinny boy. At least he is right now. He's not super skinny, but in the middle range.

DR said we need to get him weaned from the bottle by his next appt in July - preferably. We're going to start tomorrow with no bottles during the day and only the bedtime one. Once I get an idea of how well he does with naps then I'll think about the bedtime one. He usually gets bottles right before naps, so it could be interesting.

Other than that, K continues to be a picky eater. He did try something new last night. J had gotten a Gyro and gave K a piece of the meat. Little Man ate it and took a couple more pieces. I was shocked! We're thinking K wants a little more "kick" to his food so we'll be figuring out what to do next.


Billy's Mummy said...

Glad it all went well, doc's get too hung up on weight and measurements- so long as he's happy and healthy i think. He'll get better with the eating the all have strange phases. Billy only now has a bottle at bed time, took about a week to convince him and i started by talking away his morning bottle as he was awake and its wasnt one he used for comfort. Good luck!

Christy said...

Porgie is such a picky eater too. Very frustrating.

I am glad all is well.

Dooneybug said...

Good to hear the positive doctor report. You know what I don't get (and I've read/heard this somewhere else but can't recall where)? Why is it ok for a child to nurse upwards of 2 years but at one year all of a sudden we have to take the bottle away? I personally can't wait for the bottle days to be over because I hate the maintenence of them but why is there such a deadline?

Bon said...

he liked the gyro, huh? that's cool...i think it makes sense that at some point they become interested in fun flavours and new things. i gave O a little tzatziki off of a souvalaki wrap i ate today and he really loved that...

as for the bottle, i can see why it's good to wean them, but really, it's not the end of the world (in my humble opinion) if he takes an evening bottle for a little longer, or whatever. glad he's healthy and Oscar is very jealous that he's tall! ;)