Saturday, May 26, 2007

They Grow How Fast...?

I had been going by the advice of checking the size of K's feet every 2-3 months. I figured that since he got his last pair at the beginning of April, and we had some time to kill, we'd stop by a shoe store and get his feet measured.
On that note
Holy Crap! He went up 1.5 sizes! Who knows how long his feet have been scrunched in his other shoes. Should I be checking them monthly? Weekly? Oh hell, daily?! LOL
He seems to be doing just fine with his new ones.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Picture Fun

Bath time with Mr. Bubble

Ahhh, Pooh Bear

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

duck, duck, goose!

around the corner

there has to be something good.

here is how monday started:
1 - K had a low grade fever. an improvement over the 101.7 from sunday, but a fever none the less.
2 - the news had a story about this over and over - WARNING: EXTREMELY DISTURBING.
3 - I got a call from my mom at work and she was sobbing. her cat, tigger, was dying and she needed help to take him to the vet to do the deed.
he was 23 1/2 years old. i grew up with him.
4 - an major accident/tanker fire closed most of the interstate we needed to use to get to the vet and then the humane society. this required more in-city driving and prolonged the inevitable for the poor cat.
5 - got to the vet and my mom lost it. she wanted to be in the room when it was done and i started crying because i could hear her in the other room even with the door closed.
6 - found out J's father is in the hospital recovering from heart surgery. they had to replace one of the stints. he's ok, but even still...
7 - sister in law may have gotten food poisoning. she's doing ok now.
8 - picked up K from daycare and noticed he still had a fever and had mucous coming from his eyes. at the DR appt found out he has pink eye in both eyes.
9 - found out B at daycare is going on vacation which meant we had to scramble a bit to find care for K. even with 2 weeks notice it can be difficult.
10 - this didn't happen on monday but is a direct result of it: waking K up this morning was not for the weak of heart. due to the eye drops for pink eye, both of his eyes were crusted over and he couldn't open them. one of his nostrils was plugged shut from green snot. he looked so pathetic and it pulled at my heart to see him trying to open his eyes. it's one thing when it's your own eyes and you understand what is going on. it's totally different when it's your infant son who has no clue.

so here we are, recovering with both feet above ground.

well, almost all of us...

Friday, May 18, 2007

gah!!! i so needed this today!!!!

I had never heard of the flying spaghetti monster until 20 minutes ago! i love satire and this is how i would prefer to end my work weeks - with a little laugh.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

another one bites the dust

Well, I've been on and off with my posting lately. Mainly since the first part timer quite and we've been on the hunt for a replacement. Well, we got one and she called off yesterday and hasn't called or showed up today.

Yes...isn't it fucking grand!
I will be having adult drink(s) this weekend!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Baby's Gone Wild

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Saturday, May 5, 2007

From My Son's Eyes

The world is a very, VERY big place.
We were grocery shopping today and at one point we put him down to walk alongside us. The aisle wasn't crowded with people so while K fussed a bit, he had room to walk and I didn't have to worry about some asshole running him over.
That quickly changed when we had to go into another aisle. All the sudden a mass exodus joined us. It was at that time I realized how small he still is, even though he's growing up fast in other areas.

I want him to get the experience of walking somewhere else other than at home, be exposed to something different and yet as I looked down at him trying to make his way through the madness, I had an idea of what it must look like from his eyes. The carts that would pass us by looked like rolling metal monsters, other people's walking feet rushed past, the food stocked on the shelves loomed high and imposing.

K would turn toward me, arms raised and would raise his voice to fuss. When I picked him up because there was just too much going on around us, I realized that he must've been scared. I felt bad for him for being scared. I don't want him to feel that way. It was good for me to see this so that I remember that even though I'm packing away some baby items, I still know that he's my little man. My little K who still has a lot to experience and learn. It was good for me to remember that I need to see things through his eyes; not to rush things.

K did pretty well walking next to me but he's not quite ready to do it at each shopping trip.

Bittersweet Kind of Day

It's been a bittersweet kind of day.
We started weaning K off of bottles today. Well, almost. We still have the bedtime one. I'm not that brave! LOL.
He's taking baths in the big tub now instead of the inflatable duck.
I packed away the bottle warmer, formula pitcher and bottle drying rack.

My little man is growing up.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Good DR Appt

K had his 12 month appt and it went as well as expected. That means there was lots of crying and "toddler rage". I suppose none of us like getting shots and having a finger pricked for a blood draw.

His stats are good. He's going to be a tall, skinny boy. At least he is right now. He's not super skinny, but in the middle range.

DR said we need to get him weaned from the bottle by his next appt in July - preferably. We're going to start tomorrow with no bottles during the day and only the bedtime one. Once I get an idea of how well he does with naps then I'll think about the bedtime one. He usually gets bottles right before naps, so it could be interesting.

Other than that, K continues to be a picky eater. He did try something new last night. J had gotten a Gyro and gave K a piece of the meat. Little Man ate it and took a couple more pieces. I was shocked! We're thinking K wants a little more "kick" to his food so we'll be figuring out what to do next.