Saturday, May 26, 2007

They Grow How Fast...?

I had been going by the advice of checking the size of K's feet every 2-3 months. I figured that since he got his last pair at the beginning of April, and we had some time to kill, we'd stop by a shoe store and get his feet measured.
On that note
Holy Crap! He went up 1.5 sizes! Who knows how long his feet have been scrunched in his other shoes. Should I be checking them monthly? Weekly? Oh hell, daily?! LOL
He seems to be doing just fine with his new ones.


Christy said...

We are total hillbillies at my house. Porgie rarely ever wears shoes.

Em said...

I thought it was strange when they gave me a card to return for his feet measuring 6weeks after buying and wasnst going to go but you've convince me now!

Bon said...

couldn't we just buy them adult shoes and let them grow into 'em?

think how good their balance would have to get in order to be able to walk with those suckers...! they could be athletes!

(or break their little necks...hmmm. perhaps a bad plan).

O just started wearing shoes about two months ago, and he's still a little more steady on his feet without them. but i'm thinking maybe we need to upsize.

Nico said...

More stuff I had never considered... I guess we'll get there soon!

K is Sooooo cute :-)

Zany Mama said...

It's all part of some grand plan to leach away all of our money - no really, I think there's an evil genius somewhere that has a "baby feet grow" button that he pushes right after we buy a new pair.

And while the above theory is not at all plausible and doesn't really make sense, neither does the crazy rate of foot growth that kids have.