Friday, June 1, 2007

Being a Slacker is Hard Work

Ok, so I was raised with a pretty good work ethic. You show up on time, you do what's expected of you (and on occassion do more), try to "play nice" with others - you've heard it before.

Fast forward to now and I still have that ethic. Problem is, I've now put myself in a position where everyone expects me to prepare their proposals "asap" and they treat me simply as a means to an end. Sure, every place is like that. Only now I feel backed into a corner. Everything with them is rush, rush, motherfucking rush!
I would work hard to get the work done for them on time/right away, etc.
I've told them that since "part time girl" quit 6 weeks ago it's been really busy and they need to cut me some slack.
I've told my boss and she's told them.
I've bit their heads off about it. I've been a downright bitch to them about it.
Do you think I've made any progress?
So, damn the man/men! I'm not going to jump through their hoops any longer. I'll get the work done, etc, but their "rush" jobs are going to go from taking 10 minutes to 30. When they put down that they need a job by 10am. They're not going to get it until 5 or 10 after 10.
I'm sick of being walked all over.
It's my own fault for trying to make everyone happy. I backed myself into a corner and now I have to fight my way out.
So, instead of making everyone happy, I'm going to make them un-happy. LOL

Don't mis-understand, I'm still going to do the work, etc, right away. It's just going to sit in the "out" box on my desk until the very last minute that they need it. They want to give me work last minute, I'm going to return the "favor" and get it back to them last minute.

Take that you fuckers! Aunt B(itch) is back!


Christy said...

Yay for being a Bitch! I am always bitchy. It part of my charm:)

Em said...

You go get them and be a complete bitch!

Nico said...

I totally know what you mean. I have a very very hard time saying no to anyone, even when I'm screaming it in my head. This sounds like a good first step!