Friday, June 15, 2007

Excuse You?!

I'm nothing if not blunt and downright bitchy at times.
If someone treats me poorly, acts all "high and mighty"/bitchy to me I will return with vengenance.

Today I noticed that JuniorMint has a red "spot" on the white of his eye. I figure (as does PapaMint) that he rubbed his eye too hard or poked himself...something along those lines and it just got irratated. The rest of his eye is fine - not puffy, red (other than the spot) or watery.

We decide to call the opthalmologist to see if they recommend we bring him in or wait it out a week and see how it goes.

I call and get the damnedest-bitch EVER! She put me on hold 5 times, cut me off mid sentenance, wouldn't let me explain/ask my question about the appt. I should've just hung up but I didn't. When she did come back on the phone she proceeded to tell me that we had to bring JuniorMint in RIGHTFUCKINGNOW. I told her I didn't think it was a "the sky is falling" emergency and that I couldn't just leave work RIGHTFUCKINGNOW. She said that there was no other option. I told her I'd have to see what I could work out. She also had the audacity to say in the harshest voice that if we didn't go to the appointment that they (the office/DR) were (and I quote word for mother fucking word) "Not responsible for any medical care if something happens."

PapaMint calls and listens to me vent about her and he calls her back. He explains the same situation and suggests setting up an appointment for next week. She says there are none available. He asks for the following week, "none available." He calls her out about why there are no appointments available for the next 2 weeks. She says because "it's an emergency. He needs to be seen." PapaMint (being so on top of it) says if it's an emergency now it'll be an emergency next week and that they should try and be more accomodating to parents and their work schedules.
After a bit more back and forth the conversation ends.

She then calls back not even 10 minutes later saying that we could have an appointment on Monday. This, after just telling PapaMint there were NO appointments available!

So at this point I'm nice and pissed off, PapaMint is pissed off and we're no closer to determining if JuniorMint needs to go to the DR. Now, anyone who knows me understands that I'm "that" mom - the neurotic mom who questions everything and is overly cautious. The spot on his eye was concerning me, but good god I was calmer than the lady on the phone! If anyone has right to freak out, it should be me. This is my kid! Yet, I was worked up/pissed off not because of the spot but because of the bitch on the phone!

After calling a couple different places to get opinions, it was decided that we'll wait it out for 2 weeks and see what happens. The consesus is that it's THIS
Obviously if it gets worse we'll take him in to see a DR - DUH!

So, still worked up, I called the bitch back and told her very bluntly that we will not be keeping the appointment on Monday and "thank you for your time." and hung up the receiver as fast and hard as I could. I couldn't do much more to express my displeasure. The bitch on the other line probably didn't give it a second thought.
Needless to say, we will not be going there ever again. We live in a mid sized city, and there are other options.

Also - why would bitch on the phone have to tell me they're not medically liable if we don't come in UNLESS they've had "concerns" with that in the past?! What DR's office says that? Isn't it commonfuckingsense that the DR isn't liable if you choose to not go in to see them?! Duhmotherfucking-DUH!
And hmmmmmm, perhaps there is more going on at their office...


Em said...

Bitch, god i hat jobs worths! Hope it clears up though!

Christy said...

I HATE when the people at the doctor's office try to spread fear. One of the nurses at Porgie's doctor's office told me all of the various ways that she could die while co-sleeping with me. She got me so upset that I actually started crying.