Friday, June 29, 2007

Ok, You're So F-in Smart...

These are the questions spinning through my head, making me dizzy and ready to toss my cookies into the next county:

How do I contain a 14 month old's temper tantrums when all he does is scream/whine and flop backwards like a fainting goat?

When am I going to understand before-mentioned 14 month old who still speaks in toddler babble?

Can I get a babelfish for the 14 month old, PLEASE?

Does anti-war equal anti-military (more on this when I have more time to post)?

Do the WW gods think they could reward me by making my weigh-in really awesome? I did get up at 5 AM all week and ride the stationary bike for 25 minutes!



Oh, The Joys said...

"Does anti-war equal anti-military?"

No way. Not in the least.

Christy said...

Girl, you need a vacation. I hope those temper fits stop quickly. I can't stand whiney babies - not even my own.

Em said...

5am? Are you going mad! Thats where my will to loose weight dwindles!

Temper fits, erm no idea?? but i think were entering that zone now!

Em said...

Dont know your email either, to let you know we are all fine. It seems never ending the stuff that going on in our country at the mo. We live near Sheffield which is i think the 5th biggest city so we wouldnt (i hope) be high on the list for bombing. Thanks for your councern. my email is