Tuesday, May 22, 2007

around the corner

there has to be something good.

here is how monday started:
1 - K had a low grade fever. an improvement over the 101.7 from sunday, but a fever none the less.
2 - the news had a story about this over and over - WARNING: EXTREMELY DISTURBING.
3 - I got a call from my mom at work and she was sobbing. her cat, tigger, was dying and she needed help to take him to the vet to do the deed.
he was 23 1/2 years old. i grew up with him.
4 - an major accident/tanker fire closed most of the interstate we needed to use to get to the vet and then the humane society. this required more in-city driving and prolonged the inevitable for the poor cat.
5 - got to the vet and my mom lost it. she wanted to be in the room when it was done and i started crying because i could hear her in the other room even with the door closed.
6 - found out J's father is in the hospital recovering from heart surgery. they had to replace one of the stints. he's ok, but even still...
7 - sister in law may have gotten food poisoning. she's doing ok now.
8 - picked up K from daycare and noticed he still had a fever and had mucous coming from his eyes. at the DR appt found out he has pink eye in both eyes.
9 - found out B at daycare is going on vacation which meant we had to scramble a bit to find care for K. even with 2 weeks notice it can be difficult.
10 - this didn't happen on monday but is a direct result of it: waking K up this morning was not for the weak of heart. due to the eye drops for pink eye, both of his eyes were crusted over and he couldn't open them. one of his nostrils was plugged shut from green snot. he looked so pathetic and it pulled at my heart to see him trying to open his eyes. it's one thing when it's your own eyes and you understand what is going on. it's totally different when it's your infant son who has no clue.

so here we are, recovering with both feet above ground.

well, almost all of us...


Bon said...

poor kitty, poor K, poor you, your poor mom...

and that poor microwaved baby. wow.

i am hoping tomorrow is less oozy for you.

Em said...

Poor K hope he's feeling better soon. Micorwaved baby??!! F**king unbelievable! Big new here is baby thats been snatched in the Algarve.

Nico said...

I had a nasty case of conjunctivits at the beginning of the year - I hope it's the bacterial kind so it clears up soon. It totally sucks.