Saturday, May 5, 2007

From My Son's Eyes

The world is a very, VERY big place.
We were grocery shopping today and at one point we put him down to walk alongside us. The aisle wasn't crowded with people so while K fussed a bit, he had room to walk and I didn't have to worry about some asshole running him over.
That quickly changed when we had to go into another aisle. All the sudden a mass exodus joined us. It was at that time I realized how small he still is, even though he's growing up fast in other areas.

I want him to get the experience of walking somewhere else other than at home, be exposed to something different and yet as I looked down at him trying to make his way through the madness, I had an idea of what it must look like from his eyes. The carts that would pass us by looked like rolling metal monsters, other people's walking feet rushed past, the food stocked on the shelves loomed high and imposing.

K would turn toward me, arms raised and would raise his voice to fuss. When I picked him up because there was just too much going on around us, I realized that he must've been scared. I felt bad for him for being scared. I don't want him to feel that way. It was good for me to see this so that I remember that even though I'm packing away some baby items, I still know that he's my little man. My little K who still has a lot to experience and learn. It was good for me to remember that I need to see things through his eyes; not to rush things.

K did pretty well walking next to me but he's not quite ready to do it at each shopping trip.


Christy said...

Your are completely right, the world is a big, scary place. Obviously, your baby still desperately needs mommy.

Sometimes Porgie will take a break from crawling and exploring to just rest her head on my chest. I have to admit, its nice to still be needed sooo much.

Nico said...

I think it's great that you can put yourself in his shoes. Scary indeed!

The Queen Mama said...

Wow, you are brave. My 2-year-old still rides in the cart, and most days the 4-year-old does, too. Though I have to admit it's more for my convenience than anything. I'm a wuss.

Billy's Mummy said...

Never thought of it like that, yeah how scary! its big world for little people, it not until around different situations that you realise