Monday, April 23, 2007


I’m at an all time low in regards to my hope in some of mankind. I’m not going to lump everyone together because not everyone deserves my admonishment, but those out there know who they are.
J and I rented a movie that we were both looking forward to seeing (Smokin’ Aces). Well, I didn’t even get 5 minutes into it before I had to stop watching. During these 5 minutes it was primarily character description. One character came up who had “legendary techniques” at getting people to talk. What does that mean? It means “torture.”
Now, I can handle some violence in movies/TV shows but when it gets to torture, forget it. Fucking forget it!
I had to sit outside on the deck for probably 10 minutes just trying to pretend I didn’t see anything, but that didn’t work.
It really serves as a reminder of how twisted people are. The fact that some writer thought up this scene, a couple of actors agreed to do it, a few dozen people decided to shoot the movie scene…well, it goes to show that some people are depraved.
Add in the news from V-Tech and NASA from last week and I’m having a difficult time believing that there is good in the world.

I look at K and wonder what he is growing up in. Seriously, what is the world going to be like as he gets older? It stands to reason that it will only get worse. I can’t even fathom how I’m supposed to explain to him why people are so fucked up, much less why they enjoy acting like imbeciles. I really can’t.


DD said...

You should not try to attempt to explain why some people act any particular way, but only guide him on how to act himself; how to treat others. If all parents did this to the best of the ability and under the expectations we have of them as parents, we wouldn't have to worry about these issues.

Guide K on what is RIGHT with his world, not what is wrong. It's so much easier said than done.

Bon said...

i feel some of your despair when i look around me and wonder what kind of world i've brought this little child into.

but i think dd has it right. all we can do is teach him to act well, treat others well...and talk to him about his feelings and ours about the the wrong in the world once he's old enough to ask. which, with the world full of movies about torture and such, probably won't be nearly long enough.

Christy said...

There are so many horrible things in our world. It is disturbing and unsettling. Like you, I also fear what the future holds for my children.

The Queen Mama said...

All we can do is show them by example what TO do, and be meticulous gatekeepers of media so that they see as little of what NOT to do as possible. Just keep laying that foundation, and say lots of prayers. It's the best we can do.

And I'm totally with you on movie violence. I don't even go to or rent movies anymore where I anticipate lots of violence. I just don't need or want to see it.

DysdHousewife said...

Loved this post. It is so true. I get my hope in believing that when my children are adults, they will do their part in turning away from things like this, instead of of joining in and making it worse.