Tuesday, April 10, 2007


This pic pretty much describes how well easter went for us.

Poor cousin Little Lady, getting reamed by Little Man. She just stared at him like,"WTF are you yelling at?"

Seems Little Man is truly entering toddlerhood and not looking back. We've entered the stranger anxiety stage and are hanging on by his coat-tails.

Great. Just great.


Christy said...

We went through a small bout of sranger anxiety when Porgie was 6 months old. She would scream and cry when strangers even looked at her. It was extremely annoying. Hang in there. Things will get better soon.

Bon said...

O has just leapt into stranger anxiety as well...now that he can move away from us on his own, he doesn't want to, so much. makes evolutionary sense, i suppose.

the Easter pic is adorable. what a fierce little K!

Billy's Mummy said...

That picture is ace, if he could get her.......

I left Billy today with my sis for the first time he screamed for 20mins, she's 17week preg so breaking her in gently!