Friday, April 20, 2007

hodge podge

Is it a rite of passage into mid-life that you start to wonder about your high school/college friends? If you google them and find them, do you contact them?

K is teething like a mad man with pre-molars. I don't know what's so "pre" about them since they must hurt like hell and they've turned him into a very cranky little boy.

K isn't eating very much right now and has mild diarrehea. Is that because of the damn molars and the non-stop drool? Probably, but what the hell anyway!

I did really well all week on weight watchers and managed to loose almost 1.5 lbs from last week! I also worked out 3x so far this week. I need to run tonight and then I can be guilt free for the weekend.

Apparently K feels that it is ok to push open the bathroom door and walk right in. It's the "There's Mommy!" game. Will I ever get to use the bathroom by myself again?

***UPDATE: I did google and find an old friend who is in the same city as me and decided to send them an email, thinking they probably wouldn't bother to respond. I was surprised to see that they did respond. So...why am I so nervous about it? Is it because I'm fairly sure I didn't end things very well years ago? Is it because I'm a completely different person than I was in college and while they liked me then they may not like me now?


Christy said...

Poor little K. I hope those molars come through quickly.

Mona said...

I google people from my past a lot. Sometimes it's a good thing, like a former elementary school teacher, and other times, I'm just curious, but not curious enough to send an email.

And, I should add, pre-molars are the jerkfaces of teeth. I hope there is some time before I find that out.

Billy's Mummy said...

Poor k! Come on nasty teeth get a move on! As for googling people, more daring than me!