Thursday, September 6, 2007

Breakfast of Champions (Ode to Bill Cosby)

This morning was like any other morning:
Get K up, changed, dressed and at the table impatiently waiting for his toast and eggs, which Daddy was making at lightening speed.
K eats the toast and 3 pieces of egg (of which I had to bribe him to eat) and then he's off and running around with his lovely/oh, when do we put it out of it's misery?/pumpkin bear.

It's my turn to get dressed and Daddy is "on K watch".

I finished putting on my shoes, started walking into the Dining Room and what should I see in K's hand? A chocolate chip cookie.
I asked K, "Did Daddy give you the cookie?"
K, "Yeaaah." (munch, munch) Bill Cosby would be proud


Eva said...

That's so funny. That came up in class today. "I was getting the cookie for you, daddy!" in a discussion of saving face.

Christy said...

I am a horrible mom - I have given Porgie cookies. BUT they were fig newtons - that probably doesn't make it any better.

Lainey-Paney said...

"Dad is great! He gave us the chocolate cake!"


Anonymous said...

Oh, Lainey beat me to it!
So I'll take this one:
"EGGS! There's EGGS in chocolate cake!!"
All that's missing is the graprefruit juice!

"Himself" is my all-time favorite stand-up routine. My brother & I can practically recite the entire thing.