Tuesday, September 18, 2007

p shy

As potty training K comes upon us, J and I have been going back and forth on how to begin the process. We're not in the throws of it yet, but it's coming...soon.

During one of our conversations it came up that J isn't comfortable with having K in the bathroom while he's taking care of business #1. I tried to reassure him that it wasn't weird to have K around so that he could see what he needs to do, etc. I've accumlated numerous magazine and internet articles to "prove" to J that we won't be scarring K by letting him in the bathroom with us.
It's all in vain, I think.

I'm not as bothered by it as J. Of course, I sit down so woman bits are mostly hidden. I think J is hesitant about K being with me in the bathroom, too. He says it's fine, but there's a tone of voice that reveals his apprehension.

So, I'm not sure what to do. Any potty-trainers out there want to give ass-vice? (pun TOTALLY intended!)

UPDATE - In response to Christy's comment, J lets him cry and pound on the door. He doesn't like to hear it, but he'd take that over sharing the bathroom with K. Usually, both of us aren't in the bathroom at the same time so one of us will run interference.


Christy said...

How does your husband even keep him out of the bathroom. Porgie LOVES going potty with everyone. If you shut the door, she will scream and scream and scream.

DD said...

I remember Mr. DD being reluctant as well. He's heard to many urban legends about children being taken away because they say how they saw Daddy's penis...

But...K needs to be allowed to join you, if he wants. If he follows you in, make sure to shut the door after you and explain it's for "privacy" (very important later). He will not be scarred if he sees you or J using the toilet. He'll more than likely be scarred if he doesn't see you using it because he won't understand what's happening to him. If he sees that you or J treat using the bathroom as normal then he will, too.

Trust me. There is nothing worse than a kid who is so backed up b/c he thinks pooping is "dirty" or "nasty". Food in, poop out. Drink in, pee out. Does J pass gas or burp around K? Same thing. It's what the body must do. Being embarrassed by it will not help one bit.

Bon said...

you're braver than me, as i'm not even thinking about potty training O just yet.

of course, O can't count to 5 yet either. ;)

as for seeing how daddy does it, i agree with everything dd said, but that isn't necessarily going to help hubby become comfortable with it. men pee together in urinals, though, don't they? this is just training K for that!

Eva said...

Huh, somebody seems a little squeamish! His weirdness is going to make it harder for your little one to be cool with the potty. We are very sharing about the potty around here and talk about it a lot. But boys are weird. I know you can't make husbands do anything!

Em said...

Oh god we've got that to come soon!

My husbands only issue with him been in bathroom with him is when hes stood up pee'ing Billy trys to put his hand in the flow! MMMMMMMMMM nice to visualise hey!