Saturday, November 17, 2007

looking for words

do you ever go through times when you're stuck for something to say? or if you do have something, it's usually the same thing over and over - like a broken record? that's how I've felt lately.

it's not that I don't have anything to talk about. heck, spend more than 15 minutes with me and get through a few "hmm's" and "ahhh's" and you'll discover that I have a lot to say. however, seems like all I've been doing here is complaining, about work specifically. granted, work is pretty lame right now. it's become something I deal with for the sake of my family. I'm reminded of this quote:

"one can tolerate demons for the sake of an angel."

the demon being work and the angel(s) being J and K.

so that's what I've been doing, tolerating. however it's also caused me to not be that into writing which leads to long gaps between posts. thing is, I don't want to bitch about work anymore. I don't really want to bitch about anything but I'm human so that is a lofty expectation and not one I can commit to.
not to mention, how many posts can you really stand to read about my work?!

so I'm working on finding things to write about. I used to write all the time but various things have distracted me from it over the years. if anyone has ideas on how/where to start I could use some suggestions.

don't worry, there will still be cute posts about K. he is, of course, numero uno in the family here (much to our cats' dismay).


Em said...

Wondered where you'd gone!

I know what you mean with this post, i have been terrible for last week, i have to becareful it isnt just a blog full of my moaning and whinging

Christy said...

I really don't mind bitching and complaining, as long as its balanced with cute baby photos!

Bon said...

when work is the stress that eats up a lot of your conscious brain - and you can't tell the job to go shove it - it makes sense that it leaks out into your writing.

personally, i've always kinda enjoyed the work laments. weird, perhaps, but true.

and the cute K stories.