Wednesday, December 5, 2007

the drive home

on my drive home, the radio stations were re-capping the events of this.

various reporters were talking with witness after witness; harrowing tales that all seem to end with "we were just doing some shopping."

I was already worked up by everything when I heard a reporter ask a witness:
"is this the last thing you'd expect to happen here?"

um....dumbshit reporter, what the fuck do you think?!
(insert extreme sarcasm here)
no, we all dream of having our days filled with running for our lives and dodging bullets while watching someone five feet away get shot! here's some advice for you, mr. reporter, don't EVER ASK THAT QUESTION AGAIN! that question only has one answer and it's pretty fucking OBVIOUS what that is: No one expects that to happen, EVER!
(end sarcasm...for now)

I was nowhere near this area, thankfully, but it's still way too close. this stuff doesn't happen here. I'm not saying that this area is crime free and perfect, but nothing has been taken to this extreme, ever.

so here we are, coping. me by blogging and distracting myself with various internet searches of whatever, J by watching SuperBad and K asleep dreaming of chasing dogs and racing cars.