Friday, December 14, 2007

spending $$$ on what matters

this weekend, santa makes a visit at work for a photo op w/the kiddies.
next week, the powers that be at work will be having lunch catered in.
why am I bitching? the company is, after all, spending money on it's employees.
well, that is all fine and dandy.

however, how much money do you suppose they will be spending should someone (or someone's kid/family member) fall and get hurt because they were too cheap
(ie - negligent) to have the snow and multiple layers of thick ice cleared from the work parking lot?

(insert extreme sarcasm here)
it's a fucking genious tank here, let me tell you!


Christy said...

I want snow! All we have been getting is rain.

Anyways, be careful in that parking lot!