Friday, December 21, 2007

gag me

Killjoy: "S, will you put fancy title next to R's name on the roster?"

Me: "yes, I will put fancy title next to freaks-out-about-every-little-thing-that-doesn't-go-her-way R's name."

gag me. R is retiring in less than a year anyway. why does it f-ing matter?! so that she can act all superior and throw around her fancy title?! I used to care, well, I admit it still bothers me that someone whose going to retire very soon should get promoted. nothing like a bit of friend nepotism here!

all I can say is that while it still bugs me, should the shit hit the fan it will hit her square in the holier-than-thou face first. she can use that fancy title to clean herself off, then.

I'm covering my ass big time and documenting all of the work I do, saving the job forms the reps give me and have set up a "cover my ass" email so that should anything come up - well, hopefully nothing will, but I hope to prepared in any case.