Saturday, December 8, 2007

one week

in one week the extended family will be getting together at great grandma's home for christmas.
last year there was only K, however this year there will be two more! Aunt C & Uncle D with O along with Cousin N, Cousin D and C. (Are there enough letters for you?! Geez...)

now if you recall the last time the extended family visit occured, it was Thanksgiving last year. if you recall, this happened. please pay particular attention to #7.

so, I wonder what's going to come up this year...? I know that I'll be excluded a bit because Aunt C and Cousin D are dealing with infants still and I'm well into toddlerhood. eeehhh, I say. I do so much better with K as a toddler than a baby so I welcome it.

the burning question will be: is Cousin N's baby not crying? hmmmmmm?
(can you feel the sarcasm dripping off of that question?!)


Christy said...

Family get-togethers are always crazy. I hope everything goes smoothly.