Monday, December 17, 2007

no worse for wear...albeit sleepy

so the family get-together yesterday wasn't terrible. wasn't great, but then again I wasn't setting my expectations very high.

the nap times were off which led to a cranky little man K, but he did really well up until the last 20 minutes when he had his "i'm way to tired" meltdown. it consisted of loud crying, lower lip pouting and red face, but again it was to be expected and I didn't bat an eye at it. we did what we could and made it through.
Other than that, K did awesome. he didn't mind the extra people, the extra noise, the 2 extra kids. yeah, he did well. regarding the 2 babies, K could've cared less. it was actually really funny! cousin C was sitting behind K for a bit and C squealed at him. K turned around to see where the noise was coming from and paid it no mind! I guess you had to be there. it was like K couldn't be bothered with a baby and wanted to play with his truck!

I did notice that during his meltdown in my lap, that some of the other family members gawked at us. like they had never seen a toddler meltdown before. I did my best to ignore them and just keep speaking calmly to K to try and get him to calm down.

on the drive home (which came swiftly as K was at his wits end) I thought about how people judge you by how your kids behave. I thought about how unfair it is. I could go into all, but it'd reveal my up-teen-million neurosis and I'm not ready to go there yet. I also realized that I did the same thing until we had K. now, if I see a meltdown happening I'm just grateful it's not my kid.

anyway, it bothered me a bit by having them gawk at us. like K was some alien child. I have news for them, those 2 cute little babies who coo'd and they ahhh'd at all afternoon - they will have their day! what the gawkers failed to remember is that K is in the throes of toddlerhood. he's left the baby days way behind and is hell-bent on finding his independence and testing his boundaries.

I'm also grateful that I only have to see these people once a year!

On a lighter note, K LOVED great-grandma's organ! he caught a glimpse of it through a door way and went beserk! He could've played on it for hours! will post pictures soon.


Leeanthro said...

Don't be hard on yourself. *ALL* kids have meltdowns, usually revolving around lack of food or sleep or getting off of their usual routine.

I don't judge people unless they are totally letting their child run out of control or do harm to others. Sounds like you did just fine. He was in your lap and you were trying to handle the situation.

I'm sure it wasn't his first meltdown and it surely won't be his last. And, yes, they have theirs coming soon, too!

Christy said...

I am the same way. When someone's kid is having a meltdown, I am just glad its not my kid. Sometimes I feel bad for the parent, but I certainly don't think it reflects on their parenting.

Lainey-Paney said...

I would not have judged you.

...but you are right...people are so judgy........
(if that's not a word, so what? I just used it.)