Monday, July 9, 2007

Bottle Free!

We are officially bottle free. Well, K is anyway.
The daytime bottles were "taken away" at the beginning of May and we chose the weaning option for getting him off his night time bottle while still giving him time to get better with drinking from the sippy cup.
As of Saturday night, he has been finished w/them and didn't seem to notice! As long as he gets his cup of milk before bed, he's good!

That's probably been the easiest transition we've had with him.


DD said...

While I was very excited about this transition (as much as I was about all of them), it brought in the dilemma of finding a sippy cup that truly is leak-proof.

Em said...

Were off the morning one but still has bedtime one, now wondering if i should be stopping him having bottles as using sippy cup??!!

Glad it was easy tho!

Bon said...

we just made the same transition this week...! except, i think we're going back to a bottle in the morning, first thing, so we can all snuggle in bed a little longer.

does K drink from the sippy cup as diligently as from a bottle? with O, he kind slurps at the sippy cup, then takes a break, wants to wiggle around a bit...with the bottles, it's more focused, total concentration. not a big deal, but it's changing bedtime up a bit for sure.

Christy said...

Congratulations! I need to start transitioning to the cup too. Porgie only likes to drink water from her cup. When I put milk in it, she quickly tosses it aside.

Nico said...

That's a big step. Very nice that he didn't complain too much about it, I have heard that it can be a horror.