Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Welcome Back!

I'm back one day and am greeted w/ the part timer calling in "sick" today. Have you been keeping track boys and girls? That adds up to 4 - FOUR MOTHERFUCKING DAYS - that she's called off in 5 weeks and lest we not forget the day she was 2.5 hours late.

Do people not have a fucking work ethic anymore? Good god, give me the 80's "me generation" when everyone went to work every day (albeit to stab co-workers in the back, take over their job and go after the next position in the heirarchy). Hey, at least they went to work!

So, more of the same. I'm still pursuing other options but no bites yet on the 15 I've sent out so far.

Surprisingly, I'm in an "okay" mood about it. However, if this keeps up it won't be for long.


Em said...

What a tosser! Do you not have any ocupational health that moniton sickness and manage it? My company anything that is 3seperate spell over a 6mth period is investigated.

S said...

Nope, nothing like that. There's a 3 strikes & you're out policy that starts w/a verbal warning, written warning then written-final warning.
Part-timer may not even get that because there's a 90 day probationary period when you first start and they could let her go for walking funny if they wanted to.

I love "tosser"! I may have to borrow that!

Christy said...

How has she not been fired? I just don't understand.

Lainey-Paney said...

So, how does the part-timer still have a job?

S said...


I credit my boss for trying to be understanding re: kids sick/you get sick, that kind of thing.
But there's a point...

I think she's trying to be kind and give her the benefit of the doubt, however that is quickly running out.

We'll see what part timer does today because there's a lovely written warning just waiting for her.

Ehh, if she quits, she quits. It will ultimately suck for me but then when hasn't it sucked here-lately anyway.
Maybe I can use it for a bargaining tool - more $$$ to take on more work. :-P