Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Conversation

where I pull out the "it's my body and I'll do/don't do what I want with it" card.

So I had my annual womanly check up today and for the most part all is fine. However, about a month ago a lovely discoloration shadow has appeared over my upper lip. I've checked every day and it's not hair, it's the skin itself.
After doing some research, it could be melasma and per DR suggestions I'm going to see a dermatologist.
She did think there was a pretty good chance that it was related to my taking the pill and said that the dermatologist may recommend me stopping it. At that point, we could discuss other options.

This brings me to the conversation that rocked J and I. I filled him in on the above, including the no pill possibility and went through some other contraceptive options. His words when I mentioned going off of the pill were:
"I'm not keen on that at all."
My response:
"Well, it's my body so the choice is ultimately up to me."
(Here, Here to the feminists of the world - of which I'm not a devout member EXCEPT when it comes down to the choices made about my own body. Then, anyone with a penis better back the fuck off!)

NOW - I'm in no hurry to get pregnant again any time soon, HOWEVER I'm not going to walk around with this fucking shadow on my face making me look like I either a)haven't washed my face in a year or b)like I'm growing a damn mushtache!
It's enough that I'm struggling to loose the remaining 20 lbs of weight gained with K, I don't need to have this battering my ego every time I look in the fucking mirror. I get enough of that just putting on my size (don't you dare ask) clothes in the morning. Hell, I can't even bare to go shopping anymore.

So anyway, this will be a pretty big bump for us. I just know it.

Part of what sucks is how much I WENT THROUGH when I came off the pill the first time to get pregnant w/K. It took 6 fucking months to get a period, god-knows-how-many-fucking-tests & DR appointments to determine that no one had a clue why it was taking so long to simply get a period, much less what would happen if I did get pregnant, meanwhile fucktards like Britney Spears were popping kids out like Pez Candy.

So, yeah...here's to a tension-filled evening. I can't fucking wait...(snark).


Dooneybug said...

Man, that's a difficult position. I vowed never to take the pill after I went off of it when we tried to get pregnant with #1. It messed my body up way too much. I'm not sure what we're going to do after #2 is born b/c I certainly don't need another one as close in age as the first two - and that's IF we decide to have 3. I think the conclusion we came to was that when #2 is a year old, we need to make a decision on yes or no with #3 and if no, hubby's going in for the big snip. Until then, Trojan's will be a visitor in the house.

Good luck with your conversation. You should definitely get to decide what form of birth control you're willing to use. If hubby wants what he wants (you know what I mean), it's in his best interest to come to an agreement with you!

Christy said...

I have actually never been on birth control before, so we have always used alternative methods. Your hubby is just going to have to deal with this new development. Good luck!

Renae said...

I LOVE the word fucktard. I just had to tell you that. And I so get the not getting pregnant and all the teeny shit moms getting pregnant by snapping their fingers.

I'm not a fan of the pill at all - it has me completely messed up. Good luck with it.

Em said...

Jeez man are so selfish! I dont like the pill are refused to go back on it since having Billy, he either gert NON or he has to use a alternative! not open for negotiation!

DD said...

There's some OTC creams you can get at the pharmacies for "age" spots and such. Maybe this will help in lightening up that area. The dermatologist might even be able to write a script for something more powerful, plus you can keep your pill (if you want).

Men can be so weird sometimes. Ask him where is club and leopard skirt went to.

Lainey-Paney said...

two girls that I know were both talking about that....oh, it's been a few years ago now. They both said that they had facial discoloration from being on the pill for years.

Lainey-Paney said...

Oh, and I love the word "fucktard" too.