Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ahhh, I Just Love The Smell of Hypocrisy in the Morning!

4:54 am
K wakes way to fucking early fussing and before I can tell J to give him a few minutes because he may calm down and go back to sleep, J has gone in and gotten K up.
I got changed to do my AM workout and as J is strapping K into his booster at the table he says to K:
"Mommy's going to do her workout so she won't pay attention to you so you're with me."
What I heard: I'm pissed off that I have to get out of bed while Mommy gets to workout.
Uh, yeah, ASSHOLE!
1. K hadn't even cried for more than 10 seconds before you shot out of bed to get him, therefore negating any chance of him possibly going back to sleep.
2. How easily you forget the number of times I had to get out of bed to take care of him when he was younger and not sleeping through the night yet. Where were you? In bed...
3. How many times have I gotten him and sat him right outside the bathroom (either in the exersaucer or other type of chair) so that he could see me and I could still get ready for work?! Hmmm? How many times? And where were you? Where? Yes, in bed...
4. I've put off pursuing a career because I want to spend time with my son. At my current job I don't have to deal with "up and comers" who're trying to unseat me and its relatively easy for me to take time off if I need to for K, not to mention that as long as I do my work Killjoy leaves me alone. Does it satisfy me? No, but I'm employed and right now that's what counts.
J = Jackass


9:52 am
Killjoy chats with me for all of a minute and then her mobile phone rings and I could tell that this was a personal call from her new boyfriend.
Now, I don't care if people talk on their mobiles. The type of office that this is you just get used to it and tune it out. There is no way in hell you're going to get a load of Sales Reps to surrender their mobiles, it's part of their job.
The problem I have with Killjoy is that SHE was the one who was constanting hounding Part-timer A (#1) about talking on her mobile. It was unacceptable. The Sales Reps get to do it because it's part of their job, but office staff absolutely should not.
Well, well, she is the one lolly-gagging on the phone! This isn't the first time I've indirectly overheard her on her phone with personal business, either.
Again, I don't care that people (even Killjoy) talk on their mobiles. I DO care about people shaking their finger at someone in disappointment only to turn around and do the very same thing they're condoning.

I'm not necessarily in a foul mood. Just ticked off a bit to not let people merge in front of me in traffic.


DD said...

Too much testosterone makes people stupid.

Eva said...

Oh, I KNOW, they sleep so much more and still they complain...

I had a boss like that. Ick.

Em said...

I'd be in a foul mood! I hate it when my husband gets Blly up then leaves me to look after him, when he'd have easliy have gone back to sleep! Their lifes are so much easier that our but they think they are badly done too..... NO!!!