Thursday, October 18, 2007

On the Mend with a Side of Feathers Rustled

Slowly I'm getting better. My voice still sounds like a 14 year old boy going through puberty, but hey, at least I have a voice. Earlier this week all I could muster was a raspy whisper.
Now, onto my rustled feathers.
I've had K's 18 month DR appt scheduled (& turned into Killjoy) for 2.5 months.
Killjoy tells me Receptionist has jury duty that starts on 2 weeks, the same day as K's appt. She "puts me on notice" and mentions that I will probably have to reschedule the appt. Keep in mind, I turned in the appt time 2.5 MONTHS AGO!
Anyway, I try to be proactive and get it changed and the damn b*tch Killjoy tells me that the day I chose won't work because Receptionist has to go to jury duty "pre" meeting. WTF?! I shouldn't have to reschedule shit. I gave more than enough fucking notice to begin with.
I get another appt (& thankfully the DR office Receptionist was a sweetheart about my calling 3 times) and it was ok with Killjoy.

The point is, I'm pissed off with myself. I should've just kept the first appt. I should've just told them tough I can't get another appt scheduled so they're just have to deal. I fucking cave in, trying to be proactive, and it gets me nowhere. What do I get for switching around things? Nothing. No "thank you", no kudos, no recognition of any kind. That's why I'm upset - I change my life around and expect something/hope for something and I always get nothing AND I know that's how it ends every time and yet I keep falling into the same damn "trap".
I seriously need to pull my head out of my ass...the sooner the better.


DD said...

I hate smugness. Killjoy is all about being smug, isn't she?

Christy said...

I kind of hate Killjoy and I don't even know her.

S said...

Yes, Killjoy is living up to her name on many levels.

Now I'm happier than ever that my desk is in the Sales area than up front next door to her and Ms. Melodrama (aka Receptionist).

Nico said...

We are so similar in this respect, I will often rearrange things to try and help other people, I never want to rock the boat or cause others to have to go out of their way, no matter how much it sucks for me. Why are we like that???? And then it's especially bad when your effort isn't even appreciated.

Time to give up on the making nice, methinks!