Friday, October 19, 2007

Bangle Bracelets and Stirrup Pants

I decided to go a different direction today and chose the Best of the '80's on for my musical accompianant throughout the work day
(accompianant - my big DOLLAR word for the day - LOL), when who should come on but The Jets.

I haven't heard songs from them in years and was immediately sent spirally back into the 80's with my big "ocean spray" puffed/teased/bleached bangs, stirrup pants and bangle bracelets tangled up in jelly bracelets on both of my wrists.

I wonder what else will send me skipping through time while I try to do as little work as possible today.

Red, Red Wine by UB40 is playing. I wonder how that would taste disguised in Diet Pepsi? Kidding, I would never do that...the red wine in Diet Pepsi. Something else mixed in though.......