Monday, October 15, 2007

Ode To Tylenol

Ahhh, the glorious victory Tylenol had/is still having over the as-yet-unknown virual throat infection that tried to beat down my toddler over the weekend.
Ha, evil virus - you have met your match! Not only did the constant 101.8+ fever not keep him down, he was in a better mood than I could've dreamed for! Sure, when you reared your ugly head and flared up to 103 he was as red as a lobster in a pot and became a cauldron of cranki-ness, but that was nothing a nap (and yet another dose of Tylenol) couldn't help.
I will concede that you succeeded in messing up his already gone bonkers sleep schedule with multiple night wakings. However, I am confident that he will slumber peacefully once more and dream of nothing but his new-found-love of Thomas the Train and Hi-5.

So, here's a shot of tylenol in your p*ss off and leave my toddler alone!


Em said...

I assume its some sort of drug that contains paracetamol, hope hes better soon!

Christy said...

Tylenol is one of my best friends.

Anonymous said...

I was in a panic last week when I heard that "they" were recalling all of the kiddie cold medicine.
Will is forever getting colds and he's got this thing called "Pectus Excavatum" (so he's going to have breathing problems down the road, but that's a whole other story.)
and sometimes, the Little Colds is the ONLY thing that clears his sinuses well enough to help him sleep.
The way I understand it, it's more of a parent/dosage problem than a medication issue. I *did* hear a pediatrician say that decongestants don't work on babies (HUH?), but my ped says that if you follow the directions, it should be fine.

Gotta love that Tylenol!