Friday, August 3, 2007

Feet & Forks

We are now, well K is now wearing his third pair of shoes since last Spring.

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He's averaging a new pair every 2 months! I'm glad that he's growing, but Yikes!

And now something that has absolutely nothing to do with feet:
K has made progress with eating with a fork. He's not graceful with it, but he can get it to his mouth onces the food has been prodded, poked, stabbed is on it.

Every day is something new and it blows my mind how much he picks up.
Of course, there are other things that he's still working on like putting the rings back on his ring stacker and putting the shapes into his shape sorter. He can take those things apart in mere seconds, however putting them back together.....
maybe it's a boy thing?! LOL.


DD said...

My son would barely make it through a season without needing the next size up. Now at 5 he makes it nearly 6 wouldn't be so bad if he wore a normal sized shoe (he's got wide feet).

If they're in good shape, you can get a couple dollars off them in a garage sale or ebay.

Em said...

We're doing well shoes have lasted nearly 3months so far, your lad must be growing at a rate of notts

Nico said...

That is a lot of shoes!! Is the rest of him growing proporionately, or are his feet just big?

Yay for the fork usage!

Lainey-Paney said...

wow...that is a lot of shoes! almost 2 & he wears a toddler size 8 shoe. We've just had to go up a size within the past few weeks....

Eva said...

Wow, my child has yet to wear shoes...she's not I dread when she does!