Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Out Like 70's Leisure Pants!

Remember the part timer “mess” I told you about a bit ago? Well guess who called in again?! Killjoy has reached her limit and I think part-timer is buh-bye!
That sucks for me, or does it?!
Hehe, I put together some options of how to re-assign some work etc and of course I mentioned some extra $ for me since I’d be doing more work. If they give me one quarter of her hourly wage as an increase, hell, I’ll put out a few dozen fires a day. Then they get the remaining three quarters back in the company “pocket”. It’d be nice if they’d just agree to that. That’d be a decent increase for me too. I made it look like it’d be a service to the company to re-assign stuff, etc. I may be a glutton for punishment, but I’m not THAT silly. : ) We’ll see if it flies.

All I know is that part timer needs to go like leisure pants in the 70’s.


Em said...

Out out out! hope you win the battle and get more ££