Tuesday, August 14, 2007

*UPDATE* A Little This, A Little That & A Little Pot Calling The Kettle Black

I'm going to start with a mini-rant:
BossLady (aka Killjoy - I'll be explaining this next) has been wound up over attendance. Not mine, but part timers and another full timer, P. I completely agree w/her opinion on part timer but she needs to be a bit more understanding of P. It's not that I get along well with P or anything, but I will say that she works her rear off when she's here, shows up early and may stay late if needed, etc. So P has had 3 "occurences" since mid-May. Not terrible, but still averaging 1x/month. I can understand BossLady's point, but at the same time she needs to look at the performance overall.
So, last Thursday P got in a car accident. She is fine (as well as you can be), but you could tell BossLady was annoyed that P would be gone another 1-2 days. She was concerned about P, but still annoyed.
Where is all of this going? Well, BossLady has had her share of missed days recently! In fact, she was sick over the weekend and didn't come in yesterday (Monday). So what we have here is the pot calling the kettle black. Maybe she will remember that things happen and everyone can't have perfect attendance - even her!

I've also given BossLady the name, Killjoy, because she is exactly that! The main interstate in our area is undergoing construction and last Wednesday there was a third major accident that closed the interstate both ways. I wrote a comment into a local news station saying I wondered what would have to happen before the authorities would do something. A reporter, M, from the station called and wanted to do an interview. I said sure, why not and over my lunch hour I did a face to face with her. When it was over I went back in to finish my lunch and my boss was all concered that I did the interview in the parking lot and did they get the company name in there because that would be bad, etc, etc. Basically all the fun I had with the spur-of-the-moment interview was zapped out of me as she put the "fear of the President" in me. I asked her if I should let the President know and she said no, but acted all funny about it.
I decided to hell with her and went to tell the President. I did it simply and told him I wanted to let him know about the interview so that he wouldn't be surprised by seeing his business on the news. Guess what?! He was cool with it and the next day he even complimented me on how well I did.
Sooooooo, take that KillJoy BossLady!

On lighter news, K is walking up stairs with help. He never did crawl up them, he always stood up, grabbed our hand for help, and just went. There is nothing graceful about his going up stairs yet, but it will come.

J seems to think K calls me "Ommy" (mommy) but I'm not sure. He's starting to say "me" and "mine" but there's still work to do. Mostly it's m's and e's that are coming out, so perhaps it's wishful thinking on my part that they are actual words. LOL.

*UPDATE* If you want to see me in all my glorious dorki-ness (re: the interview) then email me. If I "know" who you are, I'll send the link. If I don't, then piss off! :)


DD said...

My supervisors would act the same way about what goes on on their grounds. It's insane and you just want to yell, "get over yourself!"

Maybe one day I'll get a chance to do an interview about healthcare and how where I work, a care provider, has some of the worst benefits considering there are over 1,000 insured lives working there, one of the largest in Big Town.

Oh, I'm sorry. Was that a tangent?

Sounds like Killjoy has a cob firmley wedged up her ass.

Christy said...

The interview sounds exciting!

Dooneybug said...

Ooooh...cool! I wanna see!

Nico said...

I love that killjoy boss lady was proven so wrong. HA!

I'd love to see the interview too :-)