Friday, August 10, 2007


Would you:
A) Stay at current job and pursue a Master's degree knowing full well that part-timer will probably be fired within the month and work load will increase BUT you could do the job in your sleep with or without her so no big change there, as well as possibility of career advancement/bonus-incentive for taking on extra work is practically nil. However, the chance of maintaining a decent GPA in the Master's program is pretty good while working here because of being able to work online over lunch hour.


B) For-go even thinking about a Master's degree and keep pursuing other opportunities, which may mean getting the degree may not be able to happen at all due to learning a new job and being with my family in the evenings.

The degree program I'm thinking about is completely online and would take approx. 2 years, maybe a few months less.

Just something I'm tossing about in my noggin this hotter than hell lovely Friday afternoon.


Christy said...

Tough call. Personally, I am sick of school, so I want to say pursue other options. However, a master's degree could get you a better job in the long run.

Sorry. I am no help.

Dooneybug said...

I guess it all depends on how much you want the master's degree and your plans to utilize it.

Even though you would be able to do schoolwork on your hour break at work, there's still a lot of time you'd have to devote to it after work at home. I used to work with a lady who did Phoneix Online for her accounting degree and she was constantly online at work because they were expected to post so many discussion comments each day. Then the time needed to read the text, study and take tests.

I'm sure you understand all this. Like I said, I think you should pursue what it is that will make you most happy. Whether that be school with a masters or finding a new job. Good luck!

Em said...

I am no help here as in my experience the grass is not always greener, i like to play safe.

Sittting in the fence again do what makes you happy