Sunday, August 19, 2007

Dearest Little People

You have been scrubbed and sanitized so that whatever toddler offending, stomach-upsetting, vomit-inducing "thing" has been erradicated from your plastic bodies and knock-off hair.
Of course I don't hold you solely responsible for the rankness in the air (and carpet), but you know the drill...ALL toys get it.
You may go about your business in the morning.
That is all.

Can you guess how I spent my Saturday night???


Tuyet said...

That is so cute.

DD said...

I have my suspicions, but maybe you should open a Little Peoples salon.

Em said...

Erm sat night, not good night for de-lousing.... so i am hoping not!

Nico said...

The little people are very cute. Sounds like Saturday night - not so much. Hope all is well again in cheerio-land.

Christy said...

Yikes, Saturday sounds like a nightmare.

Nick said...
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